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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Post Festival Re-Hash

It was a fantastic day! I have no idea how many came to the festival, but it felt like a couple thousand. And we made over $11,000.

We had a couple people come to the Friends of the Library booth and give us checks for over $500. And we had people join the Friends group, too.

We have some tentative pledges in the works from some utilities and big corporations. And next week the library board will meet with County Council to talk about money again, too. We hope to have some announcements to make in the coming weeks.

So who knows? We could end up pretty close to reaching our fundraising goals. Before the first spade of dirt has even been turned!

Now we just have to get going with the commercial developer. We have been waiting for them to render drawings of the retail area so that we can get started on our project. We are not completely sure why they are waiting. Perhaps they don't have firm commitments from retailers? Whatever the reason, we have to know what they are going to do so that we can get started on the bid process. Our facade has to match theirs. And of course we will be hooking onto their streets.


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