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Friday, May 22, 2009

Indian Land Friends Group Starts Up

Well, we now have a Friends group for our Indian Land Library! In fact, I may change the name of this blog to Indian Land Friends. Stay tuned.

We began with a meeting in March (maybe?) with everyone who indicated an interest in being in a friends group dedicated to our new library. We had 32 at that meeting, which also included a couple of high school students. From there, we formed a Steering Committee, which began meeting every other week to hammer out by-laws and get a plan for starting up.

Finally on May 19 we elected a slate of officers and approved our bylaws! The next step will be forming our own 501(c)3, so that we can properly handle our funds.

I'll list the officers here later. (When I find the list.) In the meantime, we have decided to form three committees: A Book Sale group, A Friends Shop Group, and a One Book/One Community Group. These three committees will start working on their projects. The Book Sale Group will meet again in a couple of weeks. (I'll obtain the date for you) They will study the logistics and possible time frame for our first sale.

The Friends Shop Group has already been doing a bit of work on the side, organizing books as they come in and putting them on the shelves. The shop itself has already brought in more than $700 dollars in revenue! The new group will work on forming hours, considering decoration, and perhaps some other items that can be sold. For the most part, the money they earn will go right back into the collection of the library.

The One Book/One Community Group will be one that will require much up-front planning. We would like to see if we can get a book selected that everyone in the community will read. Logistics will be the big thing.

If you are interested in joining the Friends, or in helping with these groups, please send us an email. We'll put you in touch with the right folks!

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