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Friday, June 11, 2010

Copy. Paste. Email.

TO:       Representative Deborah Long

FROM:  You

DATE:   June 11, 2010

Please give urgent consideration to overturning the governor’s vetoes that would severely curtail library services to the people of our state.

Veto #31 would mean the loss of $80,983 for books and children’s services in Lancaster County.  We have already had our local funding reduced and this cut would deal a devastating blow.

Veto #92 is Federal Stimulus Funds also designated for books.

In order to shift funds from other areas to buy books, there will be impacts on staff, operating hours and computer maintenance.

We all have a stake in helping children maintain their reading skills throughout the year.  I’m sure you have witnessed the large numbers our programs attract at the Del Webb library.

Assistance for out-of-work adults has become a huge priority for public libraries in this economy. They need libraries to continue their learning and  look for jobs.

And yet our book and technology resources are about to be wiped out.

Thank you for the difficult job you do and thank you for any help you can give us.


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